Orange-SLS Records Store


Last Call T-Shirts
Here is the last of these classic Tees, only a handful of each are left and colors will vary.

Here is the last of the buttons we have on hand, some of these are old gems grab them while you have the chance.

Hi Ho Silver, Away!/Quick ATTACK Split Cd
Great 13 track split from Skulltula Records


Dogbreth - Chookie Cd
Great14 track Cd from Skulltula Records


Magic Words Issue 2 (DVD)
Full hour long DVD highlighting performances from shows Orange-SLS
Records put on in 2014! Includes clips from Dirty Street Kids,
Mobil-Mockingbird, Surly Dylan Suttles, Demmier & Nico and more!


Magic Words Issue 1
Magic Words Issue 01 is the first of many Zines created by Orange-SLS
Records, Issue one is 30 pages containing essays, cd reviews, short
stories, drawings and even a mail order page! Writers for Issue 01
include David Montanye, Scott Smith, Mark Needham, Hyde Keebler and many more!

Surly Dylan & mobil-Mockingbird
snapback hats.