Magic Words Books is a DIY zine and book publisher established in 2014
by Orange-SLS Records.
Currently we're publishing the zines "pizza noodle soup" by david montanye, "Underage Drinking Party" by Dave jones (the barn!) and our own magic words zine
by orange-sls records artists! 
here's our history so far:
Magic Words Issue 01 is the first of many Zines created by Orange-SLS Records, Issue one is 30 pages containing essays, cd reviews, short
stories, drawings and even a mail order page! Writers for Issue 01 include David Montanye, Scott Smith, Mark Needham, Hyde Keebler and many more!
Full hour long DVD highlighting performances from shows Orange-SLS
Records put on in 2014! Includes clips from Dirty Street Kids,Mobil-Mockingbird, Surly Dylan Suttles, Demmier & Nico and more!
Pizza Noodle Soup is a zine written by David Montanye, Issue 01 tells of his week long journey in Ithaca Ny with the Ithacunts. From shows to protests its all right here!
Magic Words Issue 03 is a massive 40 page zine dedicated to The Cleptos!
It tells the complete story from all the members, there's also tons of
interviews, pictures and more!
Issue 02 of Pizza Noodle Soup includes song parodies, comics, drawings, album reviews and more from David Montanye, scotty shoes, dave jones, james schaffer & more!
Issue 01 of Underage Drinking Party is a 26 page punk zine by Dave Jones & Sam Bass!
Issue 03 of Pizza Noodle Soup includes Cd reviews, memories of Plan-it-x records, random ramblings and Dave Montanye's attempt at creating a creepy pasta tale.