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All Tapes Are $5

The Cleptos / Samism - Split
Debut of Samism (David Montanye & Scotty Shoes) & NYC's favorite garage punks the Cleptos together on this 6 track split tape!

Matthew W. Charles - Static Ep
Brand new 4 track Ep from singer songwriter Matthew W. Charles available on both Cd & Cassette with full lyric booklet!

loone - Self Titled (Third Pressing)
Third pressing of Loone's new "Self Titled" album with pink cases and white tapes!

River Wrought - Self Titled (Super Limited Run)
Debut tape from new duo Noel'le Longhaul (Loone/Mallory) and Lior Ben-Abu Hadar (Music Was My First Gay Lover).

Mallory - To The Hollow Night (Second Pressing)
Second pressing of Mallory's "To The Hollow Night" album
in translucent green cases with green tapes!