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Pizza Noodle Soup - Issue 03
Issue 03 of Pizza Noodle Soup includes Cd reviews, memories of Plan-it-x records, random ramblings and Dave Montanye's attempt at creating a creepy pasta tale.
Underage Drinking Party - Issue 01
Issue 01 of Underage Drinking Party is a 26 page punk zine by Dave Jones & Sam Bass! ($2)
Pizza Noodle Soup - Issue 02
Issue 02 of Pizza Noodle Soup includes song parodies, comics, drawings, album reviews and more!

Magic Words - Issue 03
Magic Words Issue 03 is a massive 40 page zine dedicated to The Cleptos! It tells the complete story from all the members, there's also tons of interviews, pictures and more! ($2.50)
Pizza Noodle Soup - Issue 01
Pizza Noodle Soup is a zine written by David Montanye, Issue 01 tells of his week long journey in Ithaca Ny with the Ithacunts. From shows to protests its all right here! ($1.50)